About VT Labs

Welcome to VT Labs. VT Labs is a full-cycle custom software development company with over 5 years of experience. Our greatest strengths are Ruby on Rails, Headless, and E-commerce web development. We keep scalability a priority, using a headless architecture with Shopify Plus. Our mission is to eliminate bottlenecks that hold you back from getting things done.


The Power to Scale

As you expand, your operations get more complex, your website might be facing constraints but you don’t have to give up options you’d like to see. We keep scalability a priority, using a headless architecture with Shopify Plus.

Who We Are

Whether you are looking to PWA/SPA, Shopify custom app, Marketplace, CMS, ERP from scratch, revamp your existing product, migrate, integrate APIs, design an app, or UX testing, then you have come to the right profile. Our company is happy to manage Servers & 3rd Party API integrations, too.

Our goal is to produce clean, testable code that is easy to build scalable systems. We strive to bring even more value to our clients by taking all steps in the software development process, from analyzing requirements to creating optimized architecture, making us a full-stack development company. Proven technologies for this magic are Ruby on Rails and React.JS.

We provide our clients with custom solutions to bring the very best quality in software development. Always on, always improving, changing, adding new features. Innovation works only when it is practical, so we apply the fullest potential of emerging technologies in any project. We aim to make "great," not just "good enough."

VT Labs is a family-owned company that started out in 2016 in Tallinn with an R&D office in Kyiv. Since then, we've successfully assisted dozens of brands from all around the world in achieving their goals with our scalable solutions. With us, ecommerce gets better.

Our Expertise:

  • Headless, SPA, PWA development

  • Ruby on Rails development

  • Shopify / Ecommerce web development

  • React.js development

  • Front-End development

  • React.js development

  • Backend Development

  • UI & UX design

  • QA and Software Testing

  • Project Management

  • Discovery Phase


Our values are more than just words, following them makes us one of the top software development companies in the ecommerce industry. And we’re happy to share them with you.

First, explore, then start

Have a brilliant idea and are not sure about the next step? Before launching the development, we apply a discovery phase to make sure you’ve weighed all.



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We enjoy the way they treat us. Their efficiency really stands out.

Andy XuCOO, Sleeping Product Retailer

At VT Labs we are a full-cycle software development company specialising in eCommerce. Whether you’re looking to develop a product from scratch, platform migration, revamp your existing product, design an app, or do UX testing, we’re your one-stop shop.