Magento to Shopify migration

Our Shopify migration service is accurate and comprehensive, handling full migration from various e-commerce platforms. We efficiently transfer everything from product information to customer records to SEO settings. We guarantee a safe, easy, and speedy Shopify migration process with no data loss. Trust us to migrate your store with ease and confidence.

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Migrate Magento to Shopify

Magento to Shopify migration can open up new opportunities and increase e-commerce efficiency. Shopify may be the right choice if you want an ecommerce platform that's easy to use and manage. To migrate from Magento to Shopify, it's essential to choose Shopify experts. Our experts offer full migration for Adobe Commerce (Magento) or Magento 2 to Shopify Plus, database and media backup, import your store data, including product variants, order data, customer data, and more, over to the new Shopify store. So that you can start selling on Shopify quickly while keeping all of your store data and functionality intact.

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WHY CHOOSE US to migrate from Magento to Shopify?

Shopify to Magento migration can be challenging, especially if you have a large and complex e-commerce store. The process requires a thorough understanding of both platforms and experience with tools for data migration and techniques. When considering a migration from Magento to Shopify, it's important to seek the assistance of trustworthy Shopify experts with a track record of successful Magento to Shopify product migration. Some common challenges include:

Magento to Shopify data migration

Migrating from Magento to Shopify requires careful planning and attention to detail to ensure data accuracy. The process involves exporting data from Magento, preparing it for import, and importing it into Shopify using tools such as the built-in import tool or a third-party app. After the data has been imported, it must be thoroughly tested to verify accuracy. To ensure a successful Shopify to Magento migration, it is important to take the time to plan and prepare the data correctly.

Why Shopify Migration?

Business owners are hesitant to switch to a new eCommerce platform, perceiving the process as uncertain and dangerous. However, there are times when migrating becomes necessary, particularly when the cost of staying with the current solution becomes too high. With proper planning for transferring data, skilled execution, correct database and media backup, and excellent project management, migration can be a smooth process. Our team can assist you in migrating data to the Shopify platform, ensuring that there is no missing data along the way.

As an official Shopify partner, our eCommerce experts offer seamless data transfer of your online store to Shopify platform, regardless of your current eCommerce platform, including popular ones such as Magento, OpenCart, WooCommerce, PrestaShop, Drupal Commerce, Squarespace, BigCommerce, and Joomla. They can also help with Webflow to Shopify migration or to migrate from Wix to Shopify.


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Case Studies

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Shopify Theme Customization and Ongoing Support

In close collaboration with Fig & Tyler, we helped customize the Shopify theme and implemented new features on the app.

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White Label Web Design for Canadian E-commerce Businesses: A Shopify Plus Success Story

White Label E-commerce Website Development

We partnered with a marketing company who needed help to increase store traffic and conversion rate on Shopify Plus website for their new client.

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Custom Ruby on Rails App Development. Headless Marketplace with Shopify

We helped convert the e-commerce store into a marketplace and moved to headless commerce architecture, implementing SSR with React for the frontend part, which increased 70% conversion rates.

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Looking to move your store to Shopify? Let us handle the whole migration process! Our efficient Shopify data migration service seamlessly transfers all your products, customer accounts, historical order data, and store configurations. Provide us with your requirements or email us at and let our Shopify migration experts take it from there!


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Frequently Asked Questions

Still, have lingering questions about Shopify migration? No worries, we've got you covered. Find the answer to your question below.

What does Magento to Shopify migration checklist include?


Magento to Shopify moving checklist includes planning, data collection, data mapping, theme selection, URL and domain mapping, product export data, customer records, order data, manufacturer, payment details and shipping integration, SEO optimization, testing, and launch. This guarantees that all relevant data is imported successfully from Magento store, the store runs optimally, and organic visibility remains intact. Contact us for your complete guide on migrating your store data to Shopify.

How complex is it to migrate Magento to Shopify?


Magento to Shopify migration can be a breeze process with the right prep work and tech skills. Migration from Magento involves creating a full backup of your Magento store, extracting data from the Magento store, and combining and uploading data to Shopify. Next, we manually review imported data to ensure all was imported successfully. To maintain your search engine ranking, we map all pages from Magento store and bulk upload 301 redirects, ensuring your domain and all links and indexed pages are redirected correctly during the migration process from Magento 2. Additionally, we customize your theme, navigation, and collections, set up store settings, and handle your new Shopify store launch. Take a look at one of our cases.

What is an SEO migration?


An SEO migration guarantees preservation of organic visibility during significant changes to a website's URL structure.

What is a 301 redirect?


A 301 redirect is a permanent redirection technique that transfers the established ranking and page authority of one URL to another, resulting in a seamless transition.

What is regex?


Regex, short for Regular Expressions, enables us to make bulk changes to URLs. This can be useful in scenarios where you want to move URLs containing '/category/' to a new folder such as '/collections/'. This is especially convenient for stores with a large number of pages.

What data can be migrated with Shopify migration services?


As a First step, we'll have a discovery phase to see if Shopify is the right solution for your business needs. If it is, we'll take care of everything to help you smoothly migrate to Shopify. We'll figure out which data you want to move, set up your store, make a database backup, export data from the current online store, and manually import customers, order statuses, quantity, coupon code, products name, bundled products. Then, we review everything to ensure all imported data is accurate. We set up your Shopify themes and recreate your products, Shopify collections, blog posts, and homepage with an exact match. We include metadata, Alt tags matching, and 301 redirects from the current Magento store canonical URL to Shopify's handle. Next, we check every link to ensure everything in your new store is working correctly. Our main goal is to keep your existing organic traffic, rank, and authority intact throughout the process. Finally, we'll integrate the new Shopify platform with any necessary apps and programs. Check out this page to learn more about Shopify store set up.

Can I use a migration app for Magento 2 to Shopify migration?


Sure thing! You can use a migration app such as cart2cart Magento to Shopify for an automated migration process. But keep in mind migration plugins have their limits. Shopify transporter app can't do everything for you. Import store app can't set up your theme, apps, or store settings and get you up and running on Shopify. They won't import data such as assets like PDFs and videos hosted on your own server. And products with more than 100 SKUs or drop-down options are also a no-go for an import store app. Custom shipping address, tracking codes for Google Ads, Facebook, and other platforms, app setup, tax and payment settings, notification templates, and POS aren't part of the migration either. You'll need to manually set up custom products with all the features like tick boxes, checkboxes, and more.

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