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90% of traditional projects overrun

Honestly now, did you spend your youth dreaming about launching an already outdated store?

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Weekly Value

Weekly Value

Consistent, tangible improvements, every single week.

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Your needs change, so do we.

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Meet timelines by dumping waste, not cutting corners.

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We get it - market shifts are hard for all

"We were impressed with their ability to develop creative solutions." - David Zinberg, CEO Bids.com
"The communication was fast and the team was a pleasure to work with." - James Schweitzer, E-Commerce Specialist, Ten Thousand
"Their communication and quick turnarounds were winning factors." - Dylan, Founder, Dental Laboratory
"We enjoy the way they treat us. Their efficiency really stands out." - Andy Xu, COO Sleeping Product Retailer
"They won't stop working until you're 100% satisfied with the results." - Marc, VP of Marketing, Jewelry Retail Company
"They are always responsive, reliable and thoughtful." - Ilya Seglin, Fig & Tyler
"They have solid development skills." - Sébastien Geldof, E-Commerce Manager, Rokoko.com
"We enjoy the way they treat us. Their efficiency really stands out."Andy Xu, COO Sleeping Product Retailer
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Be agile, stay ahead of competitors

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Embrace and master changes

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How do we ensure quality if we're always changing our e-commerce store?


We ensure product quality by testing as we go, not at the end. The agile team uses automated testing tools to find and fix bugs. Think of it like building a LEGO set, where you check each part fits right before adding the next piece. This way, we catch any mistakes early, making the quality baked in.

Can agile development handle big changes?


Yes, agile development is like a superhero for big changes! It's designed to handle changes, even big ones. By breaking down the work into smaller parts, an agile team can focus on making one part great at a time. This way, even huge updates to your e-commerce platform don't seem so scary. The team can adjust to your needs, ensuring your store stays up-to-date and ready for anything.

How does agile ensure I stay ahead of competitors?


Agile ensures you stay ahead of competitors by faster responses to market changes. The development process involves iterations, and your e-commerce platform can evolve. Any agile methodology focuses on user feedback so your store meets market demand.

Can agile methodologies speed up development with complex requirements?


Absolutely! Agile methodologies are great at dealing with complex requirements. They break down the big scary project into smaller, manageable chunks. The development team focuses on one piece at a time, making it easier to tackle complicated tasks. Reviewing and adjusting the plan can speed up the ecommerce project.

How do agile methodologies differ from the usual development process?


Agile methodologies differ from the usual software development process by focusing on flexibility. Customer collaboration over contract negotiation. Responding to change over following a plan. Traditional methods require completing one phase before moving to the next. Agile involves cross-functional teams working in short cycles to deliver working software. It encourages continuous feedback so the product better meets customer expectations.

VT Labs does agile development for Shopify stores, to move faster than competitors. You get store improvements every week and can change priorities anytime.