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Headless architecture is your technological independence. Change any component of the system without having to restart from scratch. Consider integrating any services and subsystems, focusing on commercial goals rather than platform ecosystem restrictions. Create entirely unique user experiences on any device with endless freedom. Scale your Shopify store system without limitations. Control your system and be in command of it.

Headless Commerce: What it is & Why it Matters

Decisions are the lifeblood of any business. Not all decisions are created equal, and some of them might seem small, yet some of them have the potential to jeopardize the entire company. How critical is it to choose an e-commerce platform? What happens if the platform cannot meet your organization's demands and needs to be changed? What if it becomes evident only after the system is completed? In most situations, this results in significant expenditure of money and time. The headless approach allows you to simply attach another without rebuilding everything. The best architecture minimizes the cost of a choice, while ideal architecture enables you to avoid making it.

In a cloud-native, multi-experience world, digital commerce platforms are continuing to be modularized. Therefore, application executives in digital commerce should plan for a "composable" approach that uses packaged business capabilities to get future-proof digital commerce experiences. "Composable" systems are not entirely new to enterprise software development and are closely related to microservice architecture.

Develop Composable Commerce Platform

Headless commerce changes the way you think from a "platform-centric" perspective to a "customer-experience-centric" one. To create agility in delivering experiences, subsystems are combined to form composable platforms aligned with the future of apps.

Modern frontends have evolved into an enabler for the advancement of a composable application approach, as backend capabilities may be created and even released independently of the front end.

For digitally mature businesses, the understanding that digital commerce does not stand alone and should no longer be a single silo of engagement is becoming more apparent. This means a uniform end-to-end customer journey that includes engagement and postsales connections, as well as support. The "e-commerce" go-to-market's strategies are being tested by demands for more complex journeys. Monolithic platforms may prove challenging to link with these expanded paths, so productized connections to ecosystem suppliers are frequently necessary.

Reasons to go Headless Shopify

Likewise, vendors are taking the headless approach to enhance agility and adaptability, as are businesses. As a result, cloud-native modular designs are available from numerous suppliers, with some mature platforms introducing new functions as multitenant SaaS capabilities only, resulting in hybrid cloud solutions.

Businesses can use their own set of features for the backend, combining elements such as shopping cart (core commerce), content, search, reviews, identity management, analytics, personalization, and customer support.

Shopify, for example, offers a Storefront API that may meet any business's demand. Shopify checkout without limits and works equally well on small and enormous scales. Using Shopify Plus' Multipass functionality, you may integrate external user databases without losing any critical data during the system upgrade. One-click payment processors and tax software integrations like Avalara save weeks and months of development time.

Shopify's simple-to-use admin handles all of your commerce primitives and capabilities, whether it's products and collections or international pricing and subscriptions. Then, utilize unique Shopify Plus functions to improve conversion rates and maximize control. Use Shopify's built-in ecommerce automation features to cut down on time. With automated discounts from Shopify Scripts, you can increase average order value and conversions. Shopify Payments simplifies your transactions and allows you to get the lowest available credit card rates.

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Shopify Store Customization for a Fashion Label

We developed a custom Shopify theme for a young creative label. The site needed to have various enhancements to optimize the purchase funnel and remove the significant bugs.

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We helped the jewelry production company customize and deliver a completely custom Shopify store with all the needed functionality.

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