Custom Shopify Store Development for Jewelry Production Company


Exclusive Branded Fonts

The client wanted customers to be able to write their names or initials on the necklaces or rings. For this engraving service, he wanted to use exclusive branded fonts only. We needed to find a solution that allows us to upload exclusive fonts, protect them from unauthorized use, and prevent fonts from loading by default. Shopify does not support the needed functionality.

The Power of Choice

Modern consumers like to be able to tailor everything. So, the client wanted to add additional features to the product page for customers to design custom jewelry by customizing size, metal, gems, colors, and engraving options - more than 100 variations per product. Another challenge was to offer live product preview capabilities.  

Standard Shopify and its certified apps don't offer bespoke assembly options, but it was important for the client to have this opportunity.


Custom App

We created a Shopify custom app with all the necessary functionalities to overcome the platform's limits and meet client needs.

Shopify Theme Customization

The client had us a standard theme - Impulse, which we customized based on its requirements. We fully customized the design and added extra functionality for better interaction with the application, like meta fields. Tools were used: Shopify, HTML, CSS, JS. 


Collection Page

Site collection features are limited by default, but we expanded it. Now collections can be displayed according to specific requirements, combining different product features on the page like white, pink metal, or gems. We also added an option to show the price of a specific product. 

Overcame Limit of 50 Products in the Loop

By default, Shopify allows showing only 50 products in the loop. However, we overcame this limit, and the upgraded collection page can display all product range without affecting speed. 

Product Page

Server-Side Image Generation

To handle multiple requests on a web server when generating images, we installed Heroku. This platform allows us to run different configurations, such as node.js server and libraries for image generation. 

Bespoke Images on Cart Page with Amazon S3

The client wanted customers to save their just generated images, not a default one when placing an order. Usually, the application overwrites images within 24 hours. To overcome this, we used Amazon Simple Storage Service. It automatically adds images created by customers to the Amazon server and where they are kept permanently. 

Ongoing Support

Since the successful store relaunch, the client has continued to work alongside VT Labs, giving our team access to the website for ongoing development works. Working together long-term also allows us to continually review and improve the UX of the site, enhancing the client's ecommerce presence.


We used Jira and Bitbucket to manage project tasks between the developer teams so that the client could see the development process, track the progress, and test the completed features.


We worked closely with the client to create a site that captures the essence of its modern jewelry ethos and have implemented functionality within the website that suits the needs of its customers. We helped with the customization and delivered a completely custom Shopify store with all the needed functionality. As a result, customers can design custom jewelry with just a few clicks; they can separate the elements of design they like from those that are less appealing. We are proud of the work we did for the client; now, designing jewelry from home can be fun and rewarding.


"They won't stop working until you're 100% satisfied with the results."

VP of Marketing, Jewelry Retail Company

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