Shopify Quick-Start Guide. Create your first store yourself.

on November 3, 2018

We want to help people start their own online business or bring it to the internet, so we created this guide. You need not have any technical knowledge for the first time, and it will not take long to set up. If your business requires development and design help, we will be glad to provide it.

Shopify gives you customizable frontend, analytics, payment processors, unlimited products, and much more. Moreover, you get great security, strong encryption, 99.9% uptime, and easy management.

Let's start.

Learn how to delight a customer by AR Quick Look in Shopify Store

Register a trial first

You will receive two weeks of free trial, so you will be able to test the features and choose a suitable pricing plan. Just click the banner.

Create your own shopify store

Create your first product

Now that you have a store, Shopify asks you to create a product. It has a title, description, images, and price. Moreover, the product can have several variants, such as if it has different sizes or colors.

Set up Shopify Store

You can set a price and image for each variant.

Add Shopify products

Fill out the fields, and click save; your product is ready! You can manage it on the “Products” menu tab.

Magage Shopify products

What's next?

Shopify product variants

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