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Metafields Translator is a public app, so download it in the Shopify App Store and install it as usual. After you have installed Metafields Translator you can start translating instantly without having coding knowledge.


Step 1. Add target language

To start, add at least one language before translating. Keep in mind Shopify limits you up to 5 target languages. To have more than 5 languages, you will need to upgrade to the Shopify Plus plan.

Step 2. Start translation 

The managing approaches for metafields and meta tags translation are similar. Please, choose the needed Product, go to “More actions” and choose our translation app.

Step 3. Manual translation

The App will automatically recognize existing metafields and show them in a horizontal list. The App will also recognize all used languages in the Store and show them as a separate column each. Use these fields to add and edit the meta fields translations as with the usual text editor.

Step 4. Save translation

Once you are ready, don't forget to click "Save." The App will automatically add the new languages and translations to the corresponding field on the Product page.

To come back to all products view click “Products” on the left bar menu.


In case you have any questions regarding Metafields Translator or require technical assistance please don't hesitate to contact us via email Read information about our online Privacy Policy.

Also, you can use our FAQ. 

We gladly appreciated any feedback so we are able to continue improving this app and give feedback to the Shopify team.


  • I'm having difficulty installing Metafields Translator App. What should I do?

Contact, and we'll be happy to do the installation for you.

  • Can I install the Translation app on other e-commerce platforms?

Сurrently, the Metafields Translator app is supported on Shopify only. If you'd like to see it on other platforms, please send a request to

  • How to set up the app?

Please, check the usage instructions above. 

  • What can be translated with the Metafields Translator app?

The Metafields Translator allows you to translate metafields for product pages. The app can help you translate as many metafields as you wish but doesn't create custom metafields. It comes with the product title, description, meta title, and meta description metafields by default. If you need more, please use one of the solutions for creating custom metafields on this page.

  • Does the app have an HTML editor?

Yes, the app contains an HTML editor. 

  • What are metafields? 

Metafields are extra pieces of data that apps can attach to products, customers, orders, and other objects. 

  • How to create custom metafields?

We are currently working on adding this feature to the app. In the meantime, please use one of the solutions for creating custom metafields on this page.

  • How to remove the Metafields Translator app from Shopify? 

You can simply uninstall the app from your Shopify admin panel. 

  • How to edit my translations? 

Please, check the usage instructions above. 

  • What to do when some translations are missing?

Sometimes, you might not need to translate all info existing in the base language, so just keep fields in the column with specific language empty. It will appear on the storefront in your base language.  

  • Can I translate everything automatically?

We are currently working on adding this feature to the app. In the meantime, you will need to translate the text manually and insert the translation into the metafields. 

  • How can I add new languages? 

Go to settings in the Shopify admin panel and pick a new language in the store languages section. Don’t forget to click "Save. The Metafields Translator app will recognize all saved languages and show them as a separate column each.

  • How many languages can I add? 

The Metafields Translator app allows you to translate as many languages as you need but according to Shopify limitation, you can add 5 target languages maximum. If you already have 5, you need to unpublish one before adding another. To have more languages, you might need to update your plan to Shopify Plus that allows you to add 20 languages.

  • How to add flags in the language switcher? 

The language switcher does not currently support flags. Please contact us via email for support.

  • How does the Metafields Translator app manage the SEO? 

The Metafields Translator contains metafields with meta titles, meta descriptions, and multiple URLs per language to make your store indexed by Google. 

  • How to translate the homepage, collections, blog, checkout page of my store?

The app supports translation only for product pages and doesn't support the translation of homepage, collections, blog, checkout page, etc.

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