Software QA Testing

A continuous process that "bakes in" quality inside your product is the goal of quality assurance in software testing. It's not a control activity at the end of the process when the bugs are already there. Instead, we aim to assist developers in finding as well as preventing faults by designing software quality and testing.

Quality Assurance Manual Testing

QA manual and automatic testing collaborate. Only people can decide what to automate and how to achieve quality. When we examine a product's business side, we try to replicate how a typical user would interact with it. This is a form of manual QA testing that humans can only perform. The field of usability testing has its own specialized subdiscipline. Also, exploratory software quality testing is essential. During exploratory software testing and QA sessions, the software quality tester designs and executes tests while exercising critical thinking to analyze the findings. This provides a far better chance of gaining knowledge about the application than scripted tests. Manual testing is important for agile teams because it allows us to explore the product and find problems that automated tests might not see. Together, manual testing and automated testing are essential to quality assurance.

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Software Testing and Quality Assurance

The notion of quality being built into their products, is at the core of how we operate. Agile teams conduct short iterations to ensure that the application remains in a known state of good quality. Such teams are very cross-functional, with coders, testers, and other workers collaborating together throughout each iteration in order to ensure that products have high quality through the use of acceptance testing–driven development, a strong commitment to the QA automation process, and whole-team thinking.

We as a good quality assurance software testing company embed quality by continually developing products and incorporating new work in minutes after completion. Refactoring and a preference for simplicity helps to keep technical debt at bay.

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As you expand, your operations get more complex, your website might be facing constraints but you don’t have to give up options you’d like to see. We keep scalability a priority, using a headless architecture with Shopify Plus.

Tools we mainly use for testing software firmness, thoroughness, and other performance parameters.


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Case Studies

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Custom Shopify Plus Store Development For a Sleep Tech Company

We have fully customized the Shopify store that improved our user experience. The store works well across multiple device screen sizes and is stable and fast.

  • JS
  • Shopify
  • Bootstrap

Complex eCommerce Development. Order Management App for B2B. Custom Email Notification System.

We developed a team sales website for an athletic wear brand. The deliverables will simplify wholesale orders while satisfying other complicated backend needs on the client's Shopify store.

  • Nodejs
  • Shopify
Custom Shopify and Webflow Development. Cart API

Custom Headless E-commerce And Cart API Development

We improved the user experience and increased the business value for the client. The deliverables increased Rokoko's share of European orders and led to significant user satisfaction in the cart and checkout experience.

  • Ruby
  • React
  • Shopify



We enjoy the way they treat us. Their efficiency really stands out.

Andy XuCOO, Sleeping Product Retailer


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