Automated QA Testing

Automated testing is important because it allows us to run tests more frequently. We can also run them across different platforms that may or may not be available on the build machine, depending on the infrastructure set up for continuous integration.

Quality Assurance Automation

When it comes to quality assurance, automation is essential. For example, automated testing allows us to run tests more frequently and across different platforms, which helps to ensure the quality of our products.

QA automation software also helps to free up people's time so that they can focus on their best work. By automating as much as possible, we can bake in quality and ensure that our products are as reliable as possible, helping to decrease the time it takes to deliver features. Automated tests are always looking for errors in the code or design of your app. At the same time, human testers are almost always one step behind running them manually, if not completely blind to potential changes in the code, environment details, etc.

Software quality assurance automation also has a better ROI when compared with manual QA testing because teams will have access to better quality software faster. In addition, automated QA testing can help teams release more reliable and error-free software, which means that customers are less likely to experience problems with the product.

Automated tests can provide documentation in addition to verifying the quality of the product. Automated tests can help developers understand how the product works and what it is supposed to do. In addition, they can help testers understand how the product is supposed to work. This can be especially helpful if there is a change in the product or if a new feature is added.

QA and automation are essential pieces of the software development process. Automated QA testing helps to ensure that the product is reliable and meets quality standards. In contrast, QA manual testing helps to explore the product and find problems that automated tests might not see. Quality assurance is essential in today's agile development process because it helps teams build better products for customers.


The Power to Scale

As you expand, your operations get more complex, your website might be facing constraints but you don’t have to give up options you’d like to see. We keep scalability a priority, using a headless architecture with Shopify Plus.

Tools we mainly use for testing software firmness, thoroughness, and other performance parameters.


What engagement model is the right fit for your software development?


The time and materials model is the best bet for projects with an inconsistent workflow. It involves regularly paying for the actual time spent on development. You do not waste money on fixed monthly fees when the workload fluctuates...

  • Flat hourly rate

  • No hidden fees

  • Negotiable timeline

  • Agile short-term planning

  • Transparency with regular progress reports

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Case Studies

Our work speaks for itself! Take a look at what we've been working on…


Custom Shopify Plus Store Development For a Sleep Tech Company

We have fully customized the Shopify store that improved our user experience. The store works well across multiple device screen sizes and is stable and fast.

  • JS
  • Shopify
  • Bootstrap

Complex eCommerce Development. Order Management App for B2B. Custom Email Notification System.

We developed a team sales website for an athletic wear brand. The deliverables will simplify wholesale orders while satisfying other complicated backend needs on the client's Shopify store.

  • Nodejs
  • Shopify
Custom Shopify and Webflow Development. Cart API

Custom Headless E-commerce And Cart API Development

We improved the user experience and increased the business value for the client. The deliverables increased Rokoko's share of European orders and led to significant user satisfaction in the cart and checkout experience.

  • Ruby
  • React
  • Shopify


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