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VT Labs was named one of the top software development companies in Eastern Europe and recognized as a top Ruby Development company worldwide. We offer our clients the best Rails services with proven expertise in Rails projects and a team of experienced RoR programmers who are always up to date with the latest technologies. Contact us to receive the CVs of available Ruby on Rails developers to extend your team and accelerate the engineering process.

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Why expand your RoR development capabilities with us?

Talent Pool

Our talent pool has Ruby on Rails developers from junior to senior level. We continually replenish our talent pool with experienced Rails programmers, but we can find and hire RoR developer for your project if you need specialists in a particular domain.

To make Rails applications even better, we blend various technologies

Ruby on Rails
Ruby on Rails

Workflow: How to hire Rails developers in 4 steps with us

Specify Requirements

To ensure we pair you with the right candidates as soon as possible, include specific details like the required technical skills, team size, and project duration in your project description. Also, let us know how long you'll need staffing so we can connect you with Rails developers available for that time period.

Shortlist Candidates

We check our talent pool and current projects to see who might be available and send the most qualified candidates' CVs for your evaluation. We hand-pick resumes of the most qualified software developers and send their profiles to you for further evaluation. If you're looking for software engineers to fill a long-term dev position, you can have a say in who gets selected and take part in the interview process.

Technical Interview

We conduct thorough technical interviews covering theoretical concepts and practical exercises to test ROR developers skills and suitability. We aim to help you find an ideal Rails programmers who possess the required skills, is passionate about the role, and can seamlessly blend into your team's culture. Likewise, we work closely with you to ensure a seamless hiring process, providing all the necessary information for you to make an informed decision.

Onboard Candidates

We assist with integrating remote Rails programmers into your in-house team to ensure successful collaboration. Our primary focus is onboarding new team members quickly and efficiently, ensuring that remote Rails programmers are ready to develop immediately. You brief remote programmers on project details and assign responsibilities to each team member.

Are you looking to hire Ruby on Rails engineer with a specific skill set to fill talent gaps?

Tell us your project details, and we will send you lists of available Ruby on Rails developers' CVs. Request CVs.

Success Stories

Our work speaks for itself! Take a look at what we've been working on…

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Chasing Ecommerce Experts for Beauty Brands

Here, we describe VT Labs' approach to hiring an ecommerce expert for a new online store. You will learn about the benefits the business receives and the problems that are solved.

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    Quest for E-Commerce Excellence: Product Bundling, Shopify Plus

    We improved the user experience and increased the business value for the client. The deliverables increased Rokoko's share of European orders and led to significant user satisfaction in the cart and checkout experience.

    • Ruby
    • React
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    Ten Thousand Overcomes Wholesale Challenges With Shopify for B2B

    We developed a team sales website for an athletic wear brand. The deliverables will simplify wholesale orders while satisfying other complicated backend needs on the client's Shopify store.

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    • We’ll conduct tech interviews for the shortlisted candidates.

    • We'll assist you in integrating the developers into your in-house team.


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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Still have unanswered questions about how to hire Ruby on Rails developers? No worries, we've got you covered. Find the answer to your question below.

    How do I hire RoR developers?


    1. One of our experts will contact you shortly after analyzing your requirements to help guide you through hiring RoR developers.
    2. If required, we sign an NDA to ensure the highest privacy level. 
    3. After getting your CV request, we shortlist expert Ruby on Rails developers experienced in your industry, tools, and technologies.
    4. We set up a technical interview to ensure the dedicated RoR developer is qualified.
    5. After signing a contract, our Rails engineers will be ready to begin your project immediately.

    How much does it cost to hire a Ruby on Rails developer?


    Hiring a Ruby on Rails specialist can vary in cost depending on the level of experience, location, and project requirements. If you are looking to hire Ruby programmer for top-notch quality and seamless web application development, the investment will align with the industry standards. Our flexible and solutions-based approach ensures that we can work within your budget to meet your needs.

    Where to find Ruby on Rails developers?


    To hire Ruby on Rails programmer or hire Ruby on Rails development firm, many professional platforms and networks are available. With over a decade of experience in the industry, our firm offers highly skilled and responsive senior Ruby developers and the best Ruby on Rails development services that can meet your specific project needs.

    What is the salary of a Ruby on Rails developer?


    The salary of a ruby developer varies based on their expertise, location, and the complexity of the project. Our firm provides transparency in terms of cost, and we can assist in hiring Ruby programmer or even hire jRuby developers that fit your budget.

    Do developers still use Ruby on Rails?


    Yes, Ruby on Rails remains a popular and intuitive platform for web app development. With over a decade of strong presence in the industry, it is utilized by many firms that appreciate clean, user-friendly design and quick turnaround. If you wish to hire ruby developers, you'll find that their expertise continues to be valuable in today's multi-channel digital landscape.

    VT Labs does agile development for Shopify stores, to move faster than competitors. You get store improvements every week and can change priorities anytime.