Shopify Theme Development. Case Study.

on February 22, 2020

The general idea was to create a platform for premium quality leather goods and to add built-in customer support functionality.

The client is the owner of the business. He already had a website based on Shopify,  which is our primary expertise in e-commerce. This platform allows a client to build a scalable store and add specific features using a third-party app.

The client used an existing theme from the Shopify theme store. So far, the store was selling three products only.

The client wanted to increase product quantity and update store design to sell premium products. He had a clear vision of the store and the new design mockups to implement them.

Also, the client decided to build consumer support for premium products. The process of knowing your customer is an essential feature of it, so we had to add this functionality.

Applied Technologies

  • Shopify
  • Shopify apps: MailChimp, Yotpo Review, Custom Form, Zendesk Support
  • Amazon AWS
  • HTML, JavaScript, Jquery, SCSS
  • Git, UXPin
Shopify Theme Development


  • Homepage
  • Product page
  • Collection page
  • Customer login pages
  • Customer contact form


We had to solve three problems for the owner of the business.

The first was to create an e-commerce website for selling premium quality leather goods. It was the first part of the project and included the homepage, product, collection, and cart pages. The main goal was to implement new layouts with attention to detail. The client used a wireframe from UXPin. We had to find a better solution for the design to reach the second milestone.

The second part of the project was supposed to solve the other two client's problems — adding KYC functionality and support.

To solve the KYC issue, we used integration with third-party apps. By doing this, we changed the standard functionality of login and profile pages. We used apps for social login to give the owner more information about customers and allow customers to save more data in the profile.

To improve support functionality, we added extra features for a customer contact form to allow him to describe an issue in detail. Also, we set the Zendesk integration app to use its advantages for support.


We used an Agile methodology for the development process. The development has many cycles of planning and development; it allowed the developers and the client to continually evaluate the product and get instant feedback from participants of the project. It allowed us to continuously improve the product and development methods after a successful milestone.

The project had two milestones, and two developers did the work. As the process tools, we used Jira and Git.