Why Dedicated Development Team is Crucial for Agile Development Process

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March 2, 2023
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Why Dedicated Development Team is Crucial for Agile Development Process

Agile development is leading the industry in software creation, as it's an iterative approach that can create high-quality products at speed. The key to successful agile development is communication and collaboration between team members; adapting quickly to requirements is crucial for success.

This article will delve into a dedicated development team's vital role in agile development and its importance for success.

# Tech
March 2, 2023
13 min read

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The success of an agile development process depends heavily on having a dedicated software development team. This hard-working lineup of software engineers, quality assurance specialists, and other experts is dedicated solely to the task at hand - they collaborate effectively to reach their objectives quickly and accurately. As such, the presence of this committed squad forms an integral part of any effective agile project delivery strategy.

This article will also cover how having one can be incredibly advantageous, what issues you may face without it during this process, as well as crucial techniques to construct and manage a practical, dedicated team approach for your agile mission.

Dedicated Development Team Model vs. Fixed-Price and Time and Material Models

When considering software development initiatives, organizations must select from various options when engaging with skilled teams.

hiring dedicated development team

Fixed-Price Collaboration Model

Opting for a fixed-price model is the most traditional path when approaching software development projects. This type of contract ensures the project scope can be completed within a specified timeline and budget, with all deliverables outlined from the beginning. Any desired changes or adjustments to what was previously agreed upon may result in additional costs.

Despite the sense of stability and predictability, this model offers to organizations; it is unsuitable for software development projects due to its intricate nature, which brings an excess of uncertainty. This often results in failed endeavors, more lavish financial spending, and missed deadlines. Additionally, this model provides no room for customization, meaning the client may be provided with an outdated product.

Time and Material Model

The time and material model offers a more dynamic solution for software development projects. The contracted development team is paid commensurate to the time they spend on the project instead of being held accountable by rigid deliverables. With this approach, changes are easily accommodated through constant dialogue between the parties involved to adjust the scope as needed. This is the ideal solution if you have a product requiring occasional attention.

Dedicated Team Model

The dedicated team model offers a balanced blend of the benefits of both fixed-price and time & material models. With this approach, an organization has a dedicated team to work solely on its specific project for an established period. Additionally, the scope and goals associated with the undertaking are fluid enough to be adapted as needed throughout its lifespan.

Organizations should take their time to evaluate and select an approach that is best suited for them regarding scalability, cost-effectiveness, flexibility, and control. The dedicated team has shown itself to be a reliable option with its ability to provide these factors while maintaining certainty throughout long-term projects.

Dedicated Developers

The Role of Dedicated Development Teams in Agile Development

Agile development relies heavily on dedicated teams for success, unlike traditional project management methodologies. Such teamwork includes frequent collaboration and communication between dedicated team members to be able to adjust requirements and prioritize tasks when needed quickly.

A dedicated development team is a group of professionals who put their efforts into the project they are tackling. However, they work together to make innovative solutions and ensure top-notch results are achieved. This section will explore how these teams contribute to agile development and review critical strategies for effective team management.

Agile development's achievement depends on the skills and collaboration of the dedicated team delivering it. Time-sensitive results require efficient communication, coordination, and excellence from every contributor; this underscores why having dedicated software developers for each project cannot be underestimated. In addition, every person involved must understand their core business goals and grasp all expectations fully to guarantee success.

Advantages of Having a Dedicated Team for Agile Development

Taking advantage of a dedicated development team for agile development provides numerous benefits. In particular, the whole team is devoted to delivering superior results by fully owning their work. This means your project will have a better chance of success and higher quality outcomes overall.

Secondly, a cohesive and dedicated team allows members to work more efficiently since they understand each other's roles, skills, and capabilities. Thirdly, this results in enhanced visibility and control over the entire project development, enabling precision estimations and outcomes predictability.

Collaboration and Communication

Working with a dedicated development team for agile projects offers significant advantages, such as enhanced collaboration and communication. A devoted group of professionals facilitates close cooperation among remote team members, enabling them to comprehend each other's roles and duties more deeply. With this kind of teamwork, your business can reach its goals faster!

Establishing dedicated software development teams can help reduce miscommunication and guarantee that we all pursue the same objectives. Additionally, hiring a dedicated development team can usher in an environment of transparency where each individual feels comfortable expressing their thoughts, soliciting advice, and raising any worries.

Quality Assurance and Faster Delivery

When you have a dedicated development team for agile development, you benefit from improved quality assurance, faster delivery times, and the ability to identify potential issues earlier. In addition, team members working together can tackle these matters quickly and efficiently, allowing them to move on to other tasks sooner.

By implementing a dedicated software development team, we can help to decrease delays and guarantee that the outcome aligns with our quality expectations. In addition, dedicated will work more productively, allowing you to complete development tasks swiftly and adhere to project deadlines.

Flexibility and Scalability

You'll gain greater flexibility and scalability by hiring a dedicated development team. This way, your project can evolve according to changing market conditions or requirements.

With a dedicated team, businesses can rapidly expand or reduce their team size to fit project requirements without halting current initiatives. This guarantees that projects remain on schedule and that the team can provide exceptional work quickly.

All-in-all, if you want to ensure success throughout your agile software development process, then it's essential to form a solid and dedicated team. Such a team has multiple benefits, such as increased collaboration and communication, more efficient quality assurance and delivery times, and better scalability flexibility.

Best Practices for Managing and Hiring Dedicated Development Team

Managing and hiring a dedicated development team is paramount for any agile project to thrive. But recruiting talented people isn't enough to create a squad that can produce top-notch work with stringent timelines - you require more than just skilled resources.

Define Project Goals

Defining business-critical tasks for agile development is crucial to successful outcomes. This means that you must have a clear understanding of what the result should be and how it will help you achieve its desired objectives.

Setting specific targets and expectations ensures that everyone involved is on the same page regarding delivering results. Additionally, having well-defined goals allows all team members to stay motivated throughout the process while providing them with direction and focus.

Identify Dedicated Project Team Structure

Having the right roles in a team is essential for success. The most effective projects are those that have a self-organized team. Furthermore, cross-functionality between team members can help ensure that all aspects of the project are adequately addressed.

Nevertheless, self-organizing and cross-functionality don't mean each team member can do every job. Instead, it suggests bolstering the talents of your group members to make up for any weak points. This enables the core team together to complete most tasks without outside assistance.

Agile software development teams usually comprise developers but could involve other professionals such as designers, business analysts, testers, project managers, product owners, and scrum masters - all working together to develop software products quickly and effectively. Each member has different skills, but they all collaborate on shared goals while maintaining agility throughout the process.

Cross-functionality between members is also crucial for agile development teams since it allows them to be more efficient by sharing knowledge among themselves as needed without having to wait on external resources or specialists every time a specific task requires attention.

Agile dedicated teams often solely consist of developers, unlike traditional groups that require additional resources. The team collaborates intently with customers and amongst themselves; no business analysts are needed as they remain on target, nor is there a need for extra quality control because each member can test the other's tasks. With everyone sharing knowledge and responsibilities, plus having specialist insight into the product itself – this fosters an environment perfect for agile development.

By adhering to these best practices for managing and recruiting dedicated software development teams, you can ensure that your projects are accomplished on time, within budget, and with excellent outcomes. With the ideal personnel in place combined with a focus on communication and collaboration, achieving success in your agile development campaigns is attainable.

Hire the Dream Team

Crafting your own team requires careful consideration of many factors in the hiring process. First, hire a dedicated development team with the right technical expertise, practical know-how, and a positive outlook for success in an agile working atmosphere.

Furthermore, appreciate characteristics like team compatibility and cultural congruence when hiring to ensure the long-term effectiveness of your new dream squad!

Foster Collaboration and Communication

Cultivating an atmosphere of cooperation and communication through various team buildings is paramount to guarantee that the committed development team can work concertedly together. To ensure this, regular team meetings should be held, open conversation channels established, and chances for colleagues to get acquainted with each other personally.

Unsure of which framework to use? Give the Scrum Guide a read and consider incorporating Scrum into your workflow. You will be delighted with the outcome.

Provide Adequate Resources

To boost the performance of the dedicated software development team, you must provide them with ample resources, including tools and coaching. These will guarantee they have everything required to work productively and efficiently.

Set Clear Expectations and Metrics

Setting clear metrics and expectations is essential to running a successful agile software development team. Metrics provide the necessary data to track progress, measure outcomes and identify areas for improvement.

Agile metrics can measure velocity, workload capacity, quality assurance standards, user experience feedback, customer satisfaction ratings, and more. With these metrics in place from the start of a project or sprint cycle, the team and project manager can quickly assess their performance against established goals and adjust as needed.

With proper use of agile metrics throughout all process stages, teams can confidently move forward with confidence that their efforts will yield fruitful results.

Encourage Learning and Development

Continuous learning and fast feedback are two of the most important aspects of agile development. Continuous learning enables teams to continuously improve their product, while short feedback cycles give them immediate insight into how customers interact with their products or service.

A continuous learning environment allows team members to identify and address any issues quickly. Additionally, they can develop new skills and techniques to enhance their productivity further.

These are just a few of the best practices for managing dedicated software development teams. By following these strategies and ensuring everyone on the dedicated team works harmoniously, you can create an agile development team primed for success.

Our partners, WEZOM, wrote the article "How to Hire Dedicated Development Team." - it's a guide for those considering hiring a dedicated development team for their projects. It discusses when and why such a team may be necessary, particularly for large projects requiring long-term support without sufficient internal resources.

The guide also covers the typical structure of a dedicated development team, the types of projects best suited for this approach, and how pricing for these services is typically formed.

In-House Team vs. Outsourced Team

Companies have two primary possibilities when constructing technology solutions with a dedicated team: establishing an internal squad or employing the services of a third-party supplier. Although both solutions offer benefits and drawbacks, outsourced dedicated software development teams can generally deliver organizations with more adaptability, productivity, and cost savings.

Let us explore the distinctions between in-house and outsourced dedicated software development teams to have a better understanding:

In-House Dedicated Software Development Team

An in-house dedicated development team consists of full-time personnel working for a sole organization. As these members have extensive knowledge about the company's culture, practices, and technology, they can easily take on projects from start to finish.

Although a team of in-house employees offers reassurance and control, specific difficulties arise:

Higher costs

Investing in an in-house team involves considerable expenditure on hiring, training, paychecks, and benefits - which can be challenging for smaller companies or startups with limited funds.

Limited expertise

Internal teams may not possess the same expertise, technical background, and knowledge as external ones, especially when discussing an organization that deals in a specific industry or require particular skills.

Limited scalability

Internally-based teams could struggle to react quickly and adjust their capacity in line with varying project requirements or priorities.

Limited flexibility

Internally based teams may struggle to conform to the desired working hours, project completion estimated timelines, and methodologies more than outsourced ones.

Outsourced Dedicated Software Development Team

Outsourced teams, hired externally from a third-party provider of dedicated development team services, are devoted solely to your organization's projects. These specialized professionals boast considerable skill and have an array of advantages:

Lower costs

Utilizing an outsourced team can benefit from more competitive pricing structures and save money on infrastructure costs, technology investments, and overhead expenses.

Access to expertise

Working with a software outsourcing company gives you access to dedicated specialists and professionals from a global talent pool with the niche skillset or experience your project needs.


Outsourced teams are an excellent resource for businesses, as they can readily increase or decrease their core to accommodate fluctuating project's scope and priorities.


Outsourcing remote teams offer unparalleled convenience and reliability, providing greater flexibility in working hours, project deadlines, and delivery processes. This can be especially beneficial for businesses looking to reduce costs while increasing efficiency.

In sum, outsourced dedicated development teams provide many benefits for companies. Although there are certain complications, such as language barriers and time zone discrepancies, these can be proactively managed through clear communication and team collaboration.

Decision-makers should thereby reflect on the possibilities of hiring a dedicated development team before settling on an approach best suited to their company's requirements and objectives.


In conclusion, a dedicated team model is essential for success in agile development. By ensuring that the same personnel works on the project from start to finish, you can eliminate common problems associated with non-dedicated teams. Furthermore, with their total commitment and dedication, your dedicated team will ensure maximum efficiency and satisfaction with the final product.

When pondering which option - an internal team or an outsourced dedicated development team for agile advancement - will be the most beneficial, it is essential to consider their respective pros and cons.

You can hire dedicated developers for an in-house team, which can provide peace of mind and management, but it doesn't come without drawbacks. It tends to be pricier than a team from an outsourcing software development company offering access to experts from a vast talent pool specializing in certain areas at reasonable prices, allowing you to scale up or down quickly depending on your's needs.

In essence, a dedicated development team specializing in agile methods can assist organizations in achieving their goals proficiently and economically – no matter what path is chosen.

Alex Borodin - Chief Operating Officer
Alex BorodinChief Operating Officer

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