Shopify Theme Customization and Ongoing Support


In close collaboration with Fig & Tyler, we helped customize the Shopify theme, implemented new features on the app, and improved the user experience. 

We began our work by making adjustments in the front end and fixing bugs.


Product Page

Next, we customized the Product Page and added new services and non-standard products, which the current Shopify theme doesn't support. Each product page features its only template to ensure every garment is a hero in its own right, providing a product's media and content to give customers a chance to explore the treats better. The product page has a form for customers to pick bag size and quantity and add it to the cart.

Cart Page

Checkout Page

FAQ Page

About Page

Partner Page

Customer Login Page


We used Jira and Bitbucket to manage project tasks between the developer teams so that the client could see the development process, track the progress, and test the completed features.


We have been working closely with the client to create a site and implement the needed functionality. We are proud of the work we did for Fig & Tyler; now, it has become easier for pet lovers to find healthy food made from 100% meat and fish for their dogs and cats. Because like us humans, they are what they eat. Fresh, nutritious ingredients have long-term benefits for pets, including reducing serious illnesses and prolonging life. Visit the Fig & Tyler website and review the outcome for yourself!


They are always responsive, reliable and thoughtful with their work and suggestions.

Ilya SeglinCo-Founder, Healthy Pet Products Retailer

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