Shopify Store Customization for a Fashion Label



Home Page

A homepage is an entry point that calls attention to new collections and highlights high-margin products for the brand. Fête Impériale's homepage allows their creative and colorful clothing to do all of the talking.

Top Menu

Collection Page

The product collection page is organized into a clean grid. For Fête Impériale the collection pages needed to showcase a wide variety of clothes and women modeling the clothing.

Product Page

Fête Impériale's product pages are designed to include different sizes, product details, care instructions, a size guide, and a wishlist.

Cart Page


Customer Login Page

FAQ Page

Instagram Feed 

Instagram is heavy on visuals, making it perfect for online stores to improve the e-commerce business. However, Instagram discontinued its legacy API that means that the Instagram feed no longer displayed images after June 29th. So we embed this feature on the client's store with the help of third-party Instafeed apps. 

Email Subscriptions

Video Integration On Product Page 

Videos are the most effective way of demonstrating a product and its benefits to your visitors especially when it comes to such an exclusive brand. Website visitors are up to 85% more likely to buy a product after watching a video. In order to increase online sales and boost the conversion rate, we helped to embed an automatic video playback function on the product page. There was a problem with the autoplay but we fixed it and now when clicking on a slide, the video starts automatically and when you return to the same slide, it plays from the moment it was paused. 

Payment Methods

We had to add the following payment methods: 

However, Shopify gives access to the API to public apps but not for custom ones. So we suggested connecting with a payment provider which operates in France.  

Ongoing Support

Since the successful store relaunch, Fête Imperiale has continued to work alongside VT Labs, giving our team access to the website for ongoing development works. Working together long-term also allows us to continually review and improve the UX of the site, enhancing Fête Imperiale’s ecommerce presence.


We’re proud of the work we did for Fête Impériale. We worked closely with the client to create a site that captures the essence of its modern clothes design and has implemented functionality within the website that suits the needs of its demanding customers.


I also want to stress that the billing process is extremely fair and transparent, with no hidden cost.

Laurene GauthierActing CFO, Fete Imperiale

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