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Improve your ecommerce store by hiring Shopify experts from a reliable Shopify partner. As recognized Shopify Partners & Experts, we develop flawless custom Shopify apps for all devices, ensuring better engagement, wider reach, and higher conversions.

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You can rely on our professional Shopify developers to help your business meet its goals and make your online store more successful. Our team's exceptional work has earned us a spot among the top three Shopify development agency worldwide. Our portfolio showcases the outstanding work of our Shopify & Shopify Plus developers, who can build any functionality into your Shopify store.

Workflow: How to Hire Shopify Developers with us

Your workflow for hiring Shopify developer from us will be:

Specify Requirements

For us to promptly match you with suitable candidates, please provide precise information in your project description regarding the necessary technical skills, team size, time zone, and project duration. Additionally, inform us of the staffing duration you require so that we can link you with Shopify developers who are available during that time frame.

Shortlist Candidates

We review our talent pool and ongoing projects to identify potential candidates who are available, and we send you the resumes of the most suitable Shopify developers for your assessment. We carefully select the profiles of experienced Shopify programmers and submit them to you for further consideration. If you need to hire Shopify developer for a long-term position, you can participate in the selection process and conduct interviews to help decide on the best fit for your business needs.

Technical Interview

We conduct detailed technical interviews to assess the skills and suitability of Shopify developers. We aim to help you find the ideal candidate who possesses the required Shopify skills, is passionate about the role and fits seamlessly into your team's culture. We work closely with you to ensure a smooth and informed hiring process.

Onboard Candidates

We support the integration of Shopify developers into your in-house team, ensuring successful collaboration. Our primary objective is to facilitate new team members' rapid and efficient onboarding, ensuring that Shopify experts are ready to develop your Shopify platform without delay. We provide project briefings to Shopify developers and delegate responsibilities to each team member.

Need to hire Shopify developer for your store?

Share your project specifications with us, and we will offer you resumes of top Shopify developers who are available, meet your criteria, and are enthusiastic about building stunning eCommerce stores. The more information you provide us about your Shopify development requirements, the quicker we can match you with suitable candidates. Get in touch.

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Why hire Shopify developer from us?

If you're keen on boosting your software development capabilities by hiring Shopify developers, you should think about teaming up with a trustworthy tech partner. Our Shopify developers have expertise in tailoring Shopify themes and developing custom Shopify apps with sophisticated backend features that are specifically customized to meet your unique requirements for your Shopify stores.

Talent Pool

We regularly add the best Shopify developers to our talent pool, from middle to senior level. Our Shopify developers can work in your time zone and attend regular standups. If your project requires specialized programming languages, we can find and hire Shopify developers with the necessary development skills to cater to your project's specific demands.

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Success Stories

Our work speaks for itself! Take a look at what we've been working on…


Ten Thousand Overcomes Wholesale Challenges With Shopify for B2B

We developed a team sales website for an athletic wear brand. The deliverables will simplify wholesale orders while satisfying other complicated backend needs on the client's Shopify store.

  • Nodejs
  • Shopify

Bids.com's Path to Multi-Million Valuations

We helped convert the e-commerce store into a marketplace and moved to headless commerce architecture, implementing SSR with React for the frontend part, which increased 70% conversion rates.

  • Rails
  • React
  • Shopify

Custom Shopify Plus Store Development For a Sleep Tech Company

We have fully customized the Shopify store that improved our user experience. The store works well across multiple device screen sizes and is stable and fast.

  • JS
  • Shopify
  • Bootstrap

Pricing models

When you want to hire Shopify developers, it's crucial to have a good grasp of the various collaboration models. We offer staff augmentation, a dedicated team, managed services, and time and material models. Each has pros and cons, and the one you pick depends on the requirements of your e-commerce business.

Dedicated Shopify developers

Suppose you're working on a big project that needs Shopify development and have a clear idea of what you want. In that case, the Dedicated Shopify developer team collaboration model is perfect. When you hire dedicated Shopify developers, you get to stay in charge and involved in the custom Shopify development process. This means you'll receive updates and progress reports in real time.

  • Quick onboarding

  • Ability to scale up or down

  • Predictable monthly fees

  • Guaranteed availability

  • Smooth long-term planning

  • Zero recruitment costs

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  • We’ll contact you to specify the requirements.

  • We’ll provide you with the best-matching CVs.

  • We’ll conduct tech interviews for the shortlisted candidates.

  • We'll assist you in integrating the developers into your in-house team.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Still have lingering questions about hiring Shopify developers? No worries, we've got you covered. Find the answer to your question below.

What is the cost to hire a dedicated Shopify developer?


The hourly rate charged for hiring Shopify developers through VT labs generally falls within the range of $40-55 or more (USD), depending on factors such as the required service, tech stack and project length.

What are the steps to hire a Shopify expert?


This article delves into various approaches to discover suitable Shopify ecommerce developers and highlights the essential factors that Shopify store owners should take into account while selecting the appropriate Shopify expert.

VT Labs does agile development for Shopify stores, to move faster than competitors. You get store improvements every week and can change priorities anytime.