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About Our Services

Shopify store setup services, development, design, and support is part of our expertise. We set up stores, develop and customize themes, create and integrate applications.

Installation and customization

Shopify provides a fully-functional store out of the box. We help to install it, set up a domain, set up analytics, import products, and, finally, choose a theme and customize it.

Theme development

We build Shopify themes from scratch for large and non-standard websites. A new template is an excellent way to match complex requirements with user experience.

Brand and design

We work with independent website designers with different specializations. They create branding, graphics, and UI/UX design. We can work with a client's web designer; it decreases the project cost.

Cross-device optimization

Responsive website design is the current standard. We optimize images for HiDPI Retina screens as part of developing the new themes, making images look sharp on modern devices like a MacBook or an iPhone.

Shopify apps

Apps are a great tool to extend the store functionality or improve marketing and sales. Some of them, like ReCharge or Yotpo Reviews, require coding skills to install. We do that for you.

Shopify Partner

As Shopify Partners, we are always up to date with the latest updates and technologies. Also, Partners' access allows you to control stores and doesn't count in the staff limit.

How We Work

Shopify store estimate
Discuss and diving into project requirements

We discuss with the client the project's scope and the terms of the contract:

  1. Possible solutions.
  2. Estimated time and price for each of them.
  3. A number of developers and other specialists.
  4. Type of the contract: fixed price for clear scope or hourly rate for dynamic requirements and complex projects.

Then we sign a contract. We can do it directly or use Upwork as a comfortable and secure agent.

Shopify store setup services
Waterfall or agile design & development

If the project requires design work, it becomes the first step. When we finish the design and confirm it with the client, we proceed to website development.

If the contract is fixed-price, we use the waterfall methodology. We go from the first task to the last until we deliver the final product. It is not possible to change the requirements during the development process.

For the hourly-priced contracts, we can use an agile methodology. It consists of several iterations and more flexible than a waterfall. The customer can change his requirements on the fly to get the most desirable result.

The client sees the website development process and has a real impact on the end product.

Shopify store support
Improving your website and support

A working store is the primary goal of the process. After testing, we deliver to clients to use.

Once the client starts using the product, he could get new ideas that the development team can realize.

Our Founders

Alexander Borodin

Alexander Borodin

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Alex Borodin


Our Pricing

Here, we presented some prices for standard works. We are sure that each project is unique. That is why we explore a list of requirements, evaluate them, discuss them with you, and find the best solution. Also, please check the Shopify monthly plans.


Less than 1 week

  • Shopify Store setup
  • Choose and tune Shopify theme
  • Store Domain Name Setup
  • Basic theme edits
  • Payment gateway setup
  • App installation & integration
  • Analytics integration

2-3 Weeks

  • Basic Plan features
  • Deep theme customization
  • Brand style:
  • Color and font
  • Logo
  • Custom email templates

1.5-2 Months

  • Standard Plan Features
  • Custom theme design
  • Custom theme development
  • Migrate websites to Shopify

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